seeds in winter

Grace and peace to you, friends.

First, a reminder that STORM Faith Community will be meeting for our fifth worship gathering a week from today, January 27, at Wesley UMC downtown Minneapolis. We have a meal at 6:00 pm (let us know) and then worship at 6:45. We have a testimony from Haiti this month and what God is doing there. We will be done about 8:00 pm.

I have a friend who recently ordered her garden seeds. She likes to start them indoors, move them to a sunroom in her house, and then in late March, when it is still freezing in Minnesota, she moves them out to a portable greenhouse. By the time May rolls around, her tomatoes and peppers and other vegetables are tall, strong, and almost ready to blossom! She tends these plants all through the summer until the fall harvest when she cans and freezes the bounty of her labor. I just had some of her salsa last week and I am glad she takes all that time to produce good food!

On this day when the temperatures are dropping below zero, and the wind is picking up in such a way that we will have -20’s wind chill, it seems kind of silly to be thinking about gardening. Our garden is under about two feet of snow right now.
But, we do know that spring is coming.
And we know that to get a head start on gardening we need to think now about those seeds.
And we know that what we do now will pay off next fall…
And we know that if we do nothing, we will be rushing in the spring and waiting for maturity in the fall, and maybe miss the harvest.

It really is like a lot of things in life. We should be planning (and planting) in advance for what we expect to take place in the future.

I took out some notes i made in 1998 about career, financial and lifestyle goals and when i might reach certain milestones. The retirement line i made at 2017 (age 62) is far past the halfway point from when i began. If that is going to become a reality, i still need to do things now to make it happen.

we have college students in house church that are wrestling with their future and what courses to take now to make that future real and praying that it will align with their God given gifts and talents, expecting that they will make a difference for Jesus in this world.

we have young adults planning families, making decisions about how they will live to model the life of Jesus in an ever changing, crazy world, expecting that their children will grow to be faithful disciples as well.

some of us are looking ahead to see what STORM Faith Community will look like next year and even three and four years down the road…the picture is not real clear, but what i am certain of is that if we don’t plan now for what we expect to happen, it pretty much won’t.

Jesus talked about some of this when he taught his parables. One that I like is the mustard seed. It starts out as one of the smallest seeds and then grows to a large tree. it takes time. but it has to be planted to get started.

I want to encourage you today to revisit and write down some of those “seed” ideas/thoughts/plans you have had that have not yet taken root. Then, make a plan to make them happen. Next year, or the year after…five or ten years from now. Doesn’t matter. Just get started today! It might be too cold or too windy or too January, or too something else…but get started. You will be glad you did.


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