Wednesday Encouragement: Generosity

Grace and peace to you friends!

Many of us can witness to the truth that when we give, we receive even more.
In 1995, I helped raise money and expenses for a team of people to go to Uganda to build a school in a small village well off the beaten path. Two teams of eight people spent a month in Kioga, completing the walls of the school building. Lisa and I and our church and friends and family all supported the trip. We gave a lot. I never expected that I would receive so much. My life was changed forever.

I received the gift of a global perspective to live the rest of my life.
I received the gift of extravagant hospitality by people who had little to give.
I received the gift of simple faith from people who had little else in life.
I received the gift of appreciation for tribal dance and music.
I received the gift of knowing what generosity can do.

I could go on. I went to Uganda thinking I would help the people of Kioga and came home having been helped myself to be a better citizen of the world. It was because of the gifts and generosity of my friends and family and church that we were able to do the good work in Uganda of building a school, and to come back changed persons. This is what generosity does. It changes the world, one person at a time.

A week from today, November 16 is the third annual “Give to the Max” Day in Minnesota. It is sponsored by and allows people like you and me to be generous towards our favorite non-profit organizations. Last year, 32 million dollars was given by Minnesotans (and friends of Minnesotans!) on a single day! This is huge! The good that happened in our world as a result of one day of generosity is nearly immeasurable. Lives were saved. Research was completed. Schools and churches were built. Fellow human beings were sheltered and fed. Missions were accomplished. I believe that God smiled on us that day!

So, next Wednesday, you have the opportunity to give. Perhaps you have already been solicited to give to some organizations that you already support. I want to encourage you to be generous. If you haven’t been solicited, I would like to invite you to support a cause that will literally save a child’s life. Many Christian denominations are partnering with the Gates Foundation and others to eliminate malaria in Africa by 2015. Believe it or not, this doable. A minimum $10 donation will save a child’s life.

I want to encourage you to join thousands of generous people next week in “Giving to the Max!” If some of those thousands are giving $10 to Imagine No Malaria we will save thousands of lives!

For more information and to give here is the Website:

Remember: Wednesday, November 16. I will probably remind you again!

God bless you richly today!


If you are feeling extra generous, and are interested I will be supporting at least three other great causes:
Se Luz is led by a friend. It keeps kids off the streets in a small village in Guatemala as they serve their neighbors and friends.
This ministry is led by a friend that does prison ministry. He helps ex-offenders as they are released into the community with mentoring and accountability.
This is STORM Faith Community’s parent organization. Your help in helping us build a network of house churches across the twin cities is appreciated!


seeking to build original church dna into a diverse community of house fellowships throughout the twin cities


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