Feast Day #2: What Smartphones Can’t Do For Us

Happy Sunday!

The ad came via snail mail from Verizon. Not sure why I get snail mail from them. Probably because they have discovered that the demographic over 50 still reads snail mail, even when it is junk mail.

Anyway, the heading was: “What a smartphone can do for you!” The subtext read: “More than a phone. A solution!”

The ad goes on to say that I can “save on what I love”…with special offers from every business and app that wants my money…click now and you can have it…just what i need…more electronic junk mail.

I can also “manage my every day.” All my accounts in one place so I can pay attention to all my credit cards, bank accounts, mutual funds, stock portfolios, etc. (if I had them all)…So, if I had a smart phone all my money would be at my fingertips every moment. Why would I need that, I wonder? Because Money is what drives me?

And, thirdly, I can “say goodbye to boredom” because with my new smartphone I can take entertainment with me whereever I go. YouTube is just a click away. So when I am waiting for an appointment I don’t need to be bored with people watching, and when I have a few moments to myself I don’t need to actually think about a vision for life or meditate on the beauty of the snow crystals in the morning sunlight, or when I am in a traffic jam I don’t need to pray for all the people around me who all have their own troubles and issues as they go about their days…

You can probably tell the ad wasn’t very appealing to me…but obviously spending money, managing money, and entertainment are the key things that people want today or the ad wouldn’t have been made.

Such an empty life! A smartphone can never give us a flesh to flesh relationship. It can never give us a deep experience of grace and forgiveness. It can never fill our soul with love and joy and peace.

This is the work of the Holy Spirit. As much as we would like technology to fill the voids of our lives, they will never be filled until Jesus is dwelling in us. I think it was Augustine who wrote: “I am restless until I rest in You.” Around 400 AD. It is still true today.

On this feast day, take some time to think, to meditate, to give thanks for all the “things” that smartphones and money and entertainment and shopping cannot give us. And invite the Holy Spirit to come into your life to give you true love, peace and joy.

Have a blessed day.


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