a surprising thursday encouragement

I read this today…Read the whole paragraph to find the surprise at the end…

“I cannot, myself, avoid the conclusion that group fellowship will more and more come to be the central thing of church life. I see already the end of the Sunday of two stereotyped services. In olden days the “parson” got that nickname because he was the only “persona” in the neighborhood, the only educated person, and therefore, the only channel by which the people could get certain ideas. But in these days of books and libraries and wireless, when the average education of the pew is almost as high as the average education of the pulpit, it does seem a lot to expect young people to come and listen to a discourse without any chance of asking questions or discussing the points raised. I find, continually, that in places where services are not very well attended – any opportunities given to young people to discuss the problems of living are well attended, even at difficult times. I have know companies of young people, over two hundred strong, meet on a hot Saturday afternoon in June, on the premises of a very poorly attended city church, to discuss prayer. And the future , along these lines, is full of hope. When one remembers that every method of offering healing to men has undergone revolutionary changes within the last twenty years, it is incredible that the best way in which we can meet the sicknesses of the soul is to offer two services on Sunday which follow the same order one hundred and four times a year. Most ministers would admit the difficulty of making two good sermons a week. It seems to me indicated that it would be well to give up the painfully dull services many a church and chapel, attended by a dispirited handful of people, led by an equally discouraged minister, and put in its place a live group, if only of a half dozen, who are questing for reality. Such a substitution could no more be called a failure than a doctor fails by substituting a modern scientific method of healing the body for some cumbersome technique of an older day.”

The surprise? This was written by Leslie D. Weatherhead in 1933. The chapter entitled “Fellowship” in the book, Discipleship.


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One Response to a surprising thursday encouragement

  1. Fred says:

    I am reminded of a comment that our friend Lyle made during a rollo at one of the myriad of Unidos weekends we have spent together. He said “…the Truth is always contemporary.” So, in some way this “surprise” is really not a surprise. Jesus and his faithful band of 12 must have shared so much more as they were just walking and talking. In fact, I think one of the times I felt God’s presence most profoundly was while walking with one of my closest friends on a hiking trail in Glacier National Park…singing the doxology. It was too good for words…and the “truth” of the doxology was the best praise and humble acknowledgement of His glory imaginable.

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