Todd the Rooster

Thursday, September 6th, 2012
I have a friend who named our backyard rooster. She thought he looked like a “Todd”. So that is his name.
Lisa and I decided to raise chickens for eggs. We got a dozen “sexed” hens 18 weeks ago. There is about a 10% failure rate in the “sexing” business…in other words, for every ten chicks you are bound to get a male. Todd happened to be one of the friendlier chicks so we pretty much didn’t want to get him ready for the dinner table when we found out his gender. His crowing really isn’t driving us crazy. Kind of fits our rural area.
One of the things that I like about Todd is how protective he is of his “harem”. As I watch the flock, it seems to me that Todd is aware of exactly where the eleven hens are in the coop. If I walk in, or our dog gets near the coop, Todd is right there making sure nothing happens to his “girls”. Lisa took a couple of neighbor kids into the coop the other day and Todd didn’t like it so much…he drew blood as he pecked her arm! I think you probably get the picture.

If you don’t take this too far in terms of the reasons why Todd is the way he is…I got to thinking about Christian community and whether or not we are very protective of the people in our spheres of influence.

Are we even aware when one of our friends is hurting that we might come to their aid?
Are we even aware of when one of our friends is tempted or fallen that we might come to their rescue?
Are we aware of when one is lost, or alone, or crying out…that we we might find them, join them or carry their burden?
Todd starts crowing every morning around 5 am. I generally get out to the coop about 6:30 to let the chickens out of the coop and into their free range area. Todd is always the first one out … checking things out to see that it is safe for the others. He has become a daily reminder for me to be aware of my friends and their needs…and how I might be available to them in Christian community.
I encourage you to do the same…be aware and respond faithfully to your community.


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