The Smell of August

Grace and peace to you, friends!
I am not ready for my calendar to say it is the month August. I have many reasons.
# The garden got a late start and now I am worried it would come to its fullness before the first cold winds of fall.
# Preparations for STORM Camp took a bit more out of me this summer moving to a new location.
# I have a new congregation to serve at Mt Bethel UMC…so this month will be spent getting to know them better.
# An extended time of rest and renewal didn’t happen, again, this summer.
# The summer “to do” list that Lisa and I make every spring (and continue items to the next year) looks like it will have more items put off til next year.

I can’t deny it. Not only the calendar, but the smell of August is here. Present realities not withstanding the smell of August always makes me nostalgic.

# The fresh dill, 3 feet high and growing in the garden reminds me of my grandmother working in her huge garden, harvesting and canning fruit and vegetables…getting me an ice cold lemonade to drink in the shade of their huge trees at the old farmhouse.

# The sweet smell of milkweed in bloom reminds me of the vacant lots next to our house on Payne Street where I would run as a child and catch Monarch butterflies, put them in a jar, and hope they would make a chrysallis…and all the other bugs there were to discover in that wonderful, backyard, open air insect world.

# Fresh mown grass in August always reminds me of football. Pads and helmets crashing. Sweat. Blood. Aches and pains. Exhausted but alive. So alive. The sweet smell of the fresh cut bringing renewal.

It’s funny how the calendar reminds me of all I haven’t gotten done this summer, but the smell of August reminds me of joy and freedom and life. It must be one of those downsides of getting older.

I think I will change, today. I am going to enjoy this August. I am not going to think about the impending winter. I am not going to lament the lack of time to get everything done. I am going to find rest in each day. I am going to enjoy each new person I meet and I am going to find life and hope in the relationships I have already. I am going to live.

I want to encourage you to do the same! Choose to live each day. And see what God’s grace might bring your way.

God bless you richly this week!



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One Response to The Smell of August

  1. Phil Strom says:

    Yea! for life!… August September and October promise some of the best days Minnesota has to offer… a great season awaits after the fullness of ‘this day’ has been savored!

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