Hype and Relevance

Grace and peace to you today!

A few months ago my wife and I stopped the regular reading of the daily newspaper.  It was a cost saving measure at first, but I now realize it has decluttered my life a bit of a whole lot of unnecessary information.  Quite a few months ago I decided that I wasn’t too interested in most of my “friends” updates on facebook and pretty much stopped checking in regularly.  I had been listening regularly to KFAN, sports talk radio in the Twin Cities, but decided that the dj’s pretty much hash and rehash the current sports story to death, day after day.  Classical radio is much more relaxing as I am driving about the Twin Cities.  At this point it probably goes without writing that all the chatter (hype) about Twitter drives me crazy.

Last Sunday was the day of the nation’s biggest sport event.  I am a football fan.  I watched both NFC and AFC title games.  I was interested in the Super Bowl.  I was not interested in the two weeks of hype leading up to it.  I turned it off and tuned it out.  Paid absolutely no attention to it.  I was on a retreat last weekend that went from Thursday to Sunday evening.  I had the game recorded.  By the time I started watching from the beginning the game in real time was essentially over.  As I watched the first play of the game and then a few series later, it was clear to me that Denver was not going to get untracked.  The game really was over before it started.  I didn’t have to suffer through Bruno Mars’ hit, “your sex takes me to paradise” as I was able to triple fast forward through the half time show.  I thought, “two weeks of hype and gazillions of words in the newspapers and talk radio summed up in a headline…Seahawks crush Broncos.”  That’s it.  Life goes on.  I am glad I didn’t spend any more time on the game than necessary.

I am aware that ignoring the hype makes me irrelevant in a lot of conversations.  It makes my preaching a bit irrelevant as well as I don’t have the daily news on the table with my scripture.  But I know that I feel less anxious about living.  I know that I feel more alive and in tune with the present as it occurs around me.  I know that the scripture continues to come alive to me as I read it.  I know that I am growing to be more graceful to the people around me.

I guess I am willing to pay the price of irrelevance if it means I don’t have to put up with the hype of daily living and what the editors, anchors and dj’s think are important.  There is too much noise in the world.  I am trying to quiet it in my own life.

I realize that this blog could be construed as noise in your life.  Feel free to delete the message when you get it.  I won’t be offended.  But if it encourages you to “be still” and turn some things off and pay attention to your surroundings and your inner self…it might be worth it.  There are fewer and fewer ways to turn off, turn down and enjoy life.

God bless you richly in these days.



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