The dandelions and sparrows…

May 7, 2015

Grace and peace to you!

A rooster pheasant was in our front yard this morning.  Beautifully reflecting the sunrise, his red, gold and tan feathers were brilliant.  The background music was this spring’s flock of meadowlarks, distinctively calling back and forth across the empty lots of our development.  A pair of robins were busy on our back deck, building a nest just feet away from our family room window.  A pair of bluebirds were perched on our vineyard wires checking out the house that brought forth a small brood of the iridescent birds last year.  Such a beautiful time is spring.

Lisa and I began to plant our garden last weekend.  We have been working on it off and on throughout the week.  We work and amend our soil quite a bit so that it is rich and full.  The seeds go in the ground easily and it usually doesn’t take too long for them to pop above the surface (when the weather is warm enough!), reaching into the atmosphere to soak up the sunlight and nitrogen with the hope of a bountiful harvest of more seeds in the fall.

The flowers too, have come to life.  Purple and pink phlox, prairie smoke, tulips and blooming almond shrubs are out fully now and the apple trees in the small orchard have just started.  The season of spring shouts the beauty and richness and diversity of creation!  It makes me want to sing the Doxology on our back deck as the sun rises giving me another day of life.

Of course the dandelions came out in full force yesterday.  A carpet of yellow covers our back yard and is quickly encroaching on the front.  I know there roots go deep and that they are impossible to remove.  They are so annoying.  And the sparrows…they are building a nest next to the robins and anywhere else they can get a foothold…bluebird houses, clothesline poles, flower pots, garage rafters.  And they are so noisy.  And annoying.  It makes we want to put up signs in our yard that say “Keep Out!  Not Wanted Here!”

And then I remember that the dandelions and sparrows are part of the Creation as well.  Not as beautiful maybe, or as interesting, or colorful.  But alive.  And growing.  And reproducing.  And adding their part to the mosaic that is Eden at the address where Lisa and I get to live.

And that gets me thinking about those human beings that I might want to Keep Out! of my life and that I may Not Want! to spend time with or with whom I might share my corner of creation, or theirs.  I would guess we all do that one way or another.  Cross the street to avoid someone.  Or turn our back.  Or not return a call.  Or shut down our mind.  Or close our heart.  Or not travel in that neighborhood.  Or sit at that table.  Or go visit that person.

And yet I know the Truth.  Everyone Matters.  All are created in the image of God.  All have a right to live in this beautiful world.  I can only pray that I would live my life in such a way that makes room for all and witnesses to the goodness and grace of God.  I encourage you to seek the same.

As you walk the good way, be thankful for the dandelions and sparrows!


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follow jesus. love my family. serve others.
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  1. Dan Hair says:

    Good work David . . .thanks Dan

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